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Are you passionate about baseball? Do you dream of calling the shots on the field? Our exciting Professional Baseball Umpire Training Program is your gateway to an exhilarating career in the sport you love! Offered over 16 weeks, this comprehensive course meets twice a week, on campus, providing you with top-notch training and certification that guarantees employment as an umpire anywhere in the country.

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The Academy is dedicated to providing attendees with a robust educational experience through a unique professional development course offered on college campuses. Our meticulously designed curriculum spans over 120 hours, seamlessly integrating theoretical study with hands-on, practical instruction on the field. Becoming proficient as an official offers registrants an unconventional elective choice and equips them with invaluable assets for their future. Participants embark on a journey that promises a lucrative vocational path, cultivates essential life skills, and fosters personal growth. To learn more about how our program can enrich your college offerings, we invite you to reach out to us through our contact page.


Earn your certification within weeks, with job placement assistance ensuring you can start your umpiring career at the high school level right away, no matter where you live or relocate.


Engage in interactive sessions, simulated game scenarios, and live practice games to hone your skills and build confidence.


Our trainers are seasoned umpires with extensive professional experience and a passion for teaching.


Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry professionals and fellow aspiring umpires.


Learn from experienced, professional umpires who will guide you through every aspect of the game, from basic rules to advanced officiating techniques.


Evening classes twice a week make it convenient to balance with your existing commitments.


Comprehensive Curriculum: Covering everything from rule interpretation to game management and on-field positioning.

job readiness

Job Readiness: Graduate with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to step onto the field and make the right calls.


Don't miss this opportunity to turn your love for baseball into a rewarding profession. Enroll today (only 50 spots open) and step up to the plate as a certified professional umpire!

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