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Zach Rebackoff, a Bronx-born Ashkenazi Jewish boy, was a delirious baseball fan and a bonafide 5-tool player. His dream of a playing career was abruptly ended because of a freak high school football injury.


Zach Rebackoff's desire to earn a career on the diamond was realized albeit his maverick persona and the politics of his trade eventually took their toll.


Rebackoffs life, his entrepreneurship, and his uncanny candor are worth your time to read and enjoy.

Zach Rebackoff's UNMASKED-The Honorable And Dishonorable Truths Of A Professional Baseball Umpire is an extremely candid and revealing autobiography of the author's against-all-odds rise to, and (according to Zach) the unjustifiable fall from a career as a professional baseball umpire.

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