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My Blog Debut-

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

To all my fans (many less than you may think) this is my initial blog. Although it's not clear why my sixty-nine years of wisdom and insight might be of some interest, perhaps my books may capture your interest--an illusory notion that what I write is at some level (perhaps a trifle) of interest to you.

Let me please first mention that both my newest manuscripts, UNMASKED-The Honorable Truths of a Professional Baseball Umpire Turned Uber Pirate and GUNPOINT have garnered an initial level of interest by publishers, without a literary agent! Therefore, I expect that both books should be published, in the conventional manner, sometime in early 2021.

A synopsis of all three of my books exhibited on the website can be read by clicking on the synopsis tab below them. Aside from the prose within those manuscripts, I will commit to some schedule of blogging that will connect those who choose to read my take on sports,

politics, current events and entertainment.

As the world remains entwined in ridding ourselves of the COVID cloud hanging over us every minute of the day, please stay vigilant regarding our very dangerous pandemic. I can only hope that my friends, family and readers play by the new rules, thinking twice about where they go and how to stay out of the way of this invisible threat. As of this writing, 1 out of every 216 Americans contract COVID, every day! That's a ratio of contamination that is way, way, way to close for comfort. WEAR A MASK OR A SHIELD. Don't be swayed by the Liar in Chief, who has disappeared, hiding under his desk, delusional to the nth degree.

The safest play is to remain bored, stay home, and READ. #Unmasked,

Happy Holidays!

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