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To Shoot or Not To Shoot?

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

All the world's population has a decision: What's yours? Mine was easy from day one. I thought that my decision would be universal, but I was wrong, miserably wrong. Who knew that some of my fellow humans would believe that the Covid vaccine would allow the government to track your lives, that the vaccine includes a microchip?

Newsflash: The government already does track your life, in multiple forms. How about this one? The vaccine is magnetic! Sure, we'll all be sucked directly into the MagLab DC Field Facility in Tallahassee, FL, or Los Alamos National Lab. Ya' know what I ask them? What the fuck? Apparently, all these illusionists believe they're smarter than Dr. Fauci, or that Fauci and his fellow scientists are all in on the swindle. And the doctors as well as the nurses. The facts are right in front of the skeptics, and either they choose to ignore them or are too ignorant to understand them. Those vaccinated, that do contract the virus, or the variant, develop a mild case, similar to the flu. Those that contract the virus that have not been vaccinated are in danger of dying. What part of that is hard to understand, even for those dopes amongst us?

Then there are those that fall into the "I don't want the government telling me what to do." What? Uh, did you pass a driving test for your license? Did you fill out a form to receive the government's Social Security check? Medicare? Student loans? Do you depend on the TSA? Police and Fire Departments? Again I ask- What the fuck?

When I first became aware of this phenomenon, that is people were unwilling to take the vaccine, I thought it was because they were under the Trump syndrome. No, it's not just the Trump nuts. The group includes those outside his "magnetic field." I was sent a video that showed a man, Sean Brooks, standing in front of an Ohio School board audience and flat out claiming that those who took the vaccine would be dead within six months to five years. Not that they might, or that it's probable, but it was definite! In the video, Sean Brooks claims that he is a doctor with a PHD from Oxford, although he hesitates before exactly stating the university name from which he graduated (there is more than one in Oxford). Brooks also claims that he has 48 publications, including 23 books and has studied health medicine, anatomy, and physiology for approximately 21 years. Despite his claims, there appears to be very little information about Sean online and there are no proven records of him working in the field of medicine as a doctor. A fuckin' crackpot.

As for those of us that are not Scott Brooks, and have yet been vaccinated, I urge you to reconsider. No name calling, no disparaging. The best insulation that the world has thus far come up for this epidemic is the vaccine. Not enough evidence yet that there's no harmful short or long term effects? I see. Hmm. Does the worldwide number 4,495,679 register? How's that for evidence? Well, you might retort, some could die from accepting the vaccine. I suspect that's true; aberrations are inclusive in everything and are everywhere. Have you stopped going on a plane? Riding in a car? Crossing the street? Listening to reason?

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