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Zach Rebackoff, a Bronx-born Ashkenazi Jewish boy, was a delirious baseball fan and a bonafide 5-tool player. His dream of a playing career was abruptly ended because of a freak high school football injury.


Zach Rebackoff's desire to earn a career on the diamond was realized albeit his maverick persona and the politics of his trade eventually took their toll.


Rebackoffs life, his entrepreneurship, and his uncanny candor are worth your time to read and enjoy.

Zach Rebackoff's UNMASKED-The Honorable And DishonorableTruths Of A Professional Baseball Umpire Turned Uber Pirate is an extremely candid and revealing autobiography of the author's against-all-odds rise to, and unjustifiable fall from, a career as a professional baseball umpire.

Aside from his sports background, the umpire somehow unearthed the skill to string words together as a fictional and non-fictional author and columnist.

In addition to UNMASKED, Rebackoff has recently authored the ultra-suspense novel, ONE THOUSAND MILES UNDER GUNPOINT an 89,000-word tale that follows a mafia kingpin's journey to commit a jealous-raged fueled murder.

For those who want a jaunt back in time, TOUGH CALLS, published in 1983, offers fans a field-level view of baseball rules from Rebackoff's professional career.

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Zach, we never met but traveled so many of the same roads. Thanks for putting into words so many experiences and feelings about Fitzy and "The Boys" and so, so, so much more. Honesty is what makes the book different.

                          -Craig Compton


An all in-depth look at a life well lived. Being a professional umpire and toiling in the minor leagues isn't easy and not for everyone. Zach takes you behind the scenes and describes it all.

                               -Amazon Reviewer

"If the value of a friendship were measured by how many pages it takes for an autobiography written by one of your friends to get to the first mention of the other friend, I have to tell you, I’d be pretty upset with Zach. But, just like most of the time I’ve known him, I’m not. As a matter of fact, I’m floored and genuinely touched to be in it at all, even more so because he asked me to write the Foreword to this crazy, fun, and often excruciatingly candid memoir of umpiring and Pirating."

                                  -Perry Barber


I read UNMASKED and thoroughly enjoyed it; full of great insider information and interesting anecdotes. For what it's worth, I think you made the right call way more often than not.


I also couldn't help think, as I got to know you a little, "This guy would love living in Medellin!"

                                  --Mark Bachrach


The Academy

The Academy is dedicated to providing college students with a robust educational experience through a unique free elective offered at their institutions. Our meticulously designed curriculum spans nearly 200 hours, seamlessly integrating theoretical study with hands-on, practical instruction on the field. Becoming proficient as an official not only offers students an unconventional elective choice but also equips them with invaluable assets for their future. Participants embark on a journey that not only promises a lucrative vocational path but also cultivates essential life skills and fosters personal growth. To learn more about how our program can enrich your college offerings, we invite you to reach out to us through our contact page.

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